Gold & The Least Of Two Evils

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Will it make any difference to gold and silver whichever of these appalling presidential candidates gets elected to govern what still remains the world’s most powerful nation?

Obama has accelerated the decline in the nation’s superpower capability, arguably Bill Clinton’s legacy, and the erosion is set to continue with his wife in office but would a Donald presidency fare any better?

Would he be able to exert his will over the deep state apparatchiks that have grown so much in power and influence over recent years? Whats more, would he want to? Donald may be just hot air, at least Obama is a great orator although a master self illusionist (aka liar) the latter trait very evident in the two running for the highest office in the USA.

When its all over next week I don’t foresee any change in the longer term outlook for the precious metals.

The Rise & Rise Of The Deep State

Gold and silver will still be manipulated by the Fed and big bankers who will do their utmost to keep the price of the metals from showing up the worthlessness of the dollar.

Neither Hillary or Trump will be in a position, or have any desire, to exert any influence on the financial diktats of the bankers to halt the erosion of the dollar, the eventual outcome of which is the USA losing its status as the worlds leading superpower. The Chinese are well on the way to taking over that position.

China To The Rescue

One of the better Chinese moves has been to commit to gold. It is the worlds largest producer, the largest consumer and the largest purchaser. Next year sees the Chinese launching its own gold exchange for world wide trade based on supply and demand for the physical metal. Comex and London exchanges make the market mainly in futures.

Put simply, this is paper trading with only one ounce of physical gold to redeem twenty four ounces of futures gold. This is a principal reason for the unrealistic low price of the metal in these times of almost worthless fiat money.

This market begs for interference to the normal supply and demand criteria, imagine trading all that paper gold knowing you will never have to deliver even one ounce if called upon, just flog the paper!! Western bankers and speculators just love it.

The Chinese are looking to bring this totally artificial gold trading market to an end and I, for one of many, wish them every success in the coming year.

Supply & Demand Will Rule

It will be a long overdue return to the norm of supply and demand and should settle down to a realistic market value for the metal, one which I anticipate will reflect the true price to be considerably higher then the present see sawing about $1300 an oz.

Sex & Email Scandals Move Gold

Gold and silver both rose substantially Tuesday and Wednesday when Trump’s sexual shenanigans got an edge over Hillary’s criminal emails. Today the Asian and European markets dropped back sharply during their morning trading, the reason being that Hillary has again widened the gap as the email saga is now taking second place to Trumps reported sexual and anti feminist behaviour.

Could it get any more degrading than having one candidate probably involved in corruption and the other in sexual misbehaviour publicly denouncing each other while vying for the presidency of the most powerful nation in our world?

Back To Market Basics

Be patient gold and silver will reflect their true worth in the course of time, maybe sooner than we think. A floor for gold at around $1250 an oz. seems well established and, irrespective of who wins this degrading election, next year should see the start of a progressive substantial bull market in the yellow metal when the Chinese begin to dictate the market.

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