What Exactly Is Titanium?

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Titanium is arguably the most interesting and versatile of all metals.
It is the ninth most plentiful element in the Earths’ crust and the fifth most common metal.
Titanium is a hard silvery colored, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, lightweight and durable metal

The minerals, principally rutile and ilmenite, from which the metal is obtained, can found in a great variety of mineral and iron ores, in igneous rocks and their sediments and are distributed across the globe.
The extraction of Titanium is an expensive and complicated process as it is highly reactive with oxygen and other elements.

It is the most compatible metal with the human body and is used extensively in joint replacements and dentistry.
Titanium has been found in meteorites and rock samples brought back from the moon by the Apollo mission.

It has been identified as being present in the Sun and M-type stars.
Nearer to home, Titanium is present in the human and animal bodies, plants and coal.
Although first discovered over two hundred years ago it is only in the last sixty years that Titanium has become increasingly used and is now considered an important strategic metal with many diverse applications.

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