Titanium Properties

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  • Titanium is a metal having the chemical symbol is Ti. It is one of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs)
  • It is the ninth most plentiful element on our planet. It is present in meteorites and been detected in class M planets and our sun. Apollo 17 returned from the moon with rock samples containing Titanium compounds.
  • It has a silvery white metallic lustre when pure.
  • Around 90% of applications worldwide are in the form of Titanium alloys or Titanium compounds
  • Titanium is as strong as steel but only a little over half its weight.
  • It is twice as strong as aluminium.
  • It is ductile, malleable, can be welded and is easy to work.
  • The metal has very low thermal conductivity and resistance to electric current.
  • Titanium has an extremely low response to magnetic fields.
  • It is highly resistant to any form of corrosion, impervious to seawater, chlorine, alkalis and many acids unless concentrated.
  • The metal will burn in air and one of the few elements that will burn in Nitrogen (it makes spectacular fireworks!)
  • Titanium can be obtained as wire, sheet, rod, foil, granules, sponge and powder.
  • Titanium has no effect on human or animal bodies. It is non toxic and physiologically inert.


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