Titanium Chips Spy On Us

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Did you know that your whereabouts can now be tracked from the banknotes in your wallet?

Well its true!

Since 2005 Euro bank notes and US $20 bills have had a minute titanium chip called an RFID incorporated in them – try microwaving one.

Retailers, with Wal-Mart and UK retailer Tesco in the forefront, are adding the same type of chip to a multitude of consumer items.

Information about this technology entered the public domain in 2003 and from that time on those in the know began to speculate on the extent these chips could intrude upon our privacy.

Last year it was suggested that the US government would make it mandatory for computer manufacturers to incorporate these spying chips in their products.

This would simply mean that all and every piece if information and communication stored or passing through our PCs could be accessed by the powers that be.

The UK now has more spy cameras installed than the rest of Europe put together.

Of course all this spying activity is excused in the name of security, and no doubt that this is true, even convincing, in the light of continuing terrorist threats, but we do have to ask ourselves – is this the thin edge of the wedge?

Governments will have access to our every source of communication with the exception of head to head, and even then our personal conversations can be eavesdropped upon unless we take precautions.

From our political beliefs to our philandering nothing will be secret and can be divulged or accessed to our disadvantage by governments and corporations seeking to either muffle us or make us part with our cash.

Even George Orwell could not envisage that every thought and activity of our every day lives would become an open book to our masters.

One further thought occurs.

Who and how many will be needed to monitor all this spying upon us?

One thing is certain it is the public who will pay the taxes that will pay the wages to our ever increasing number of overseers and the more we pay the more our civil liberties and right to privacy will be eroded.

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