Who Produces Titanium?

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Titanium is always found as a compound with other elements.

Despite being the ninth most plentiful element on the Earths’ surface and is distributed all over the world there are few concentrated deposits that make commercial extraction viable.

Titanium is found in most anatase, brookite, ilmenite, perovskite, rutile and titanite and in a number of iron ores.

At present only ilmenite and rutile are commercially viable as sources of Titanium and it is difficult to discover new sources with sufficiently high concentrations to make extraction economically viable using the only available current process.

Principal producers in order of importance are annually :-

  1. Australia – 1291 tons
  2. South Africa – 850 tons
  3. Canada – 767 tons
  4. Norway- 382 tons
  5. Ukraine- 357 tons

Other significant Titanium ore deposits are in New Zealand, Malaysia and Kenya.

An interesting and heartening development in Titanium production has been the joint association between a leading Russian producer and a US producer to provide Titanium products to the industrial, automotive and consumer markets but not to supply the military market.

The joint venture is known as Uniti Titanium

Potential investors should keep an eye open on Titanium Metals Corporation, a US based business, to get some insight on where the price of the metal is heading

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