Yet Another New Application For Titanium

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New application for Titanium, Titanium alloys or Titanium Oxide.Just to remind our readers that titanium is corrosion resistant, as strong as steel and nearly half the weight and is not rejected by the human body.

These properties have caused the price of the metal to more than double since 2005 as demand has increased in the industrial, chemical, medical, energy, and electronic sectors. It is also becoming increasingly popular in the jewelry trade.

Production surpluses have caused a drop in the price of the metal in the last few months with an 8% in the first quarter of this year.

One growing area is the use of titanium in plating or coating less expensive base metals to provide users with the essential properties of the metal at a cheaper price.

Increasing world wide environmental concerns are bringing titanium, titanium alloys and titanium coated metals into play with their ability not to corrode and to be considerably lighter than the alternative steel.

Prices for the metal, its producers and processors have shown some evidence that they are beginning to firm up in recent days and it may be time to have a closer look at Titanium fundamentals.

Leading companies involved in titanium production and processing includes: –

Titanium Metals Corp (TIE:NYSE)

RTI International Metals, Inc (RTI:NYSE)

Brush Engineered Materials Inc. (BW:NYSE)

Dynamic Materials Inc. (BOOM:NASDAQ)


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  1. darrell smith says:

    what is the price of titanium and carbon fiber

  2. John says:

    The price of Titanium paired with carbon fibre is not within our remit.
    However we are aware that the two together are used in jewelry, medical and industrial applications. Please bear in mind that titanium prices move on a day to day, even a minute by minute basis.
    At the same time we understand that carbon fibre is supplied in numerous different modules and tensile strengths, so pricing of this product will depend upon the exact specification you determine.
    Presumably these prices will also vary over time.
    Also if you mean the two in combination, such as a titanium coating on a specific carbon fibre module and tensile strength, you will have to go to a supply source and get a quote.
    Sorry we are unable to be more specific but precious metals are our field.
    We have no knowledge of the intricacies of carbon fibre applications and its market but thanks for the query anyhow.
    As an aside I think that this may be an important and developing field that will encourage the demand for titanium. However our interest is to evaluate all the uses, and the prospects for demand and supply across all the industrial, medical and jewelry applications for the metal and to attempt to evaluate and forecast the future investment prospects for the metal on behalf of our readers.

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