The Prospects For Conductive Silver

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A new report produced by NanoMarkets entitled “Silver powders and inks for printable electronics” forecasts that the market for conductive silver  inks used in emerging technological applications will grow from US$176 million in 2007 to US$1.2 billion by 2014.

NanoMarkets is a consulting and market analysis business that specializes in covering emerging market opportunities and advances in micro and nano technologies particularly in electronics, semiconductors, bio-medical devices, energy and advanced materials.

If you want to learn more visit nanomarkets but be prepared for some high-tech, mind-blowing articles and news reports to get your head around.

Although for some time the spot silver price has hung around $13.00 an ounce give or take 50 cents or so this lack of volatility has not attracted the short-term speculators.

A further sign of mixed feelings is the balance of short and long open positions of traders indicated on the COT site ( and is a must for all serious commodity traders and investors.

In previous reports we have looked at the growing use of silver in numerous developing technologies and coupled with a recently reported increase in demand from the jewelry trade, particularly in India and other Eastern nations with a growing affluent middle class.

Add to the mix that the world is not exactly flush with the metal, and that includes recycled as well as mined, the long-term prospects look encouraging.

Also remember that even without adjusting for inflation the price has barely reached half the heights enjoyed some 20 years ago when attempts were made to corner the market by Nelson Bunker Hunt.

There is every possibility that during the coming months there will be some price fluctuations which will enable some quick trading profits but for the long haul, silver with its dual role as the best conductor of electricity in industry and its growing use in advanced technological applications side by side with its continuing appeal in the jewelry trade, looks a good bet to tuck away in the bottom drawer.

Silver coins, whether freshly minted or collectibles, are worth a look to gain exposure to the bullion without incurring commercial  storage and insurance charges, and again miners will give you more leverage but less peace of mind.

Silver is a fascinating investment to research, some new development always seems to be happening.

As usual we urge you to make your own investment decisions, our purpose is to point out possible investment avenues to explore and hopefully in the case of silver to enjoy.

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