Six Facts About Silver

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Silver, the metal of the night and romance, of nostalgia and memories, of moonlight and love.

Silver Facts

  • Silver is one of the very few words in the English language that doesn’t rhyme with any other word but manages to be mentioned in poetry almost as much as gold.


  • Known as the  white metal although it looks grey.


  • The first recorded use as coinage was in 700 B.C. although it was widely used in jewelry and other adornments for more than 2000 years earlier.


  • The white metal is easily worked into thin sheets and drawn out to fine wire that allowed the ancients to produce intricate and beautiful designs.


  • The discovery of vast amounts of silver in the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors gave rise to one of the earliest occurrences of inflation in Europe.


  • More silver has been used since 1990 than has been produced and stocks are being depleted.

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