What is Ruthenium?

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Ruthenium is another Platinum Group Metal (PGM) along with

It can be classified as a precious metal.

The chemical symbol for Ruthenium is Ru.

It is a hard white metal that does not tarnish in ordinary room temperatures, is not corroded by acids or aqua regia and when subjected to air temperatures of circa 800 degrees C. it will oxidize explosively.

The metal can be dissolved in molten alkalis.

It is generally found associated with other PGM ores and with Nickel deposits.

Ruthenium is one of the rarest metals on earth with only about 12 tonnes produced annually worldwide.

Ruthenium Oxide is volatile and highly toxic. Other Ruthenium compounds should be treated as toxic and carcinogenic.

It is unlikely that many people will be exposed to Ruthenium compounds as they only occur in rare instances.

The mid spot price of Ruthenium on 19th May 2010 was US$ 240.00 per troy ounce.

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