Seven Uses for Iridium

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Iridium is a stable metal that rarely reacts chemically and it is the most corrosive resistance of all the metals.


  • It is mainly used is as a hardening agent in platinum alloys.
  • Used in treating prostate and other cancers by high dose radiation therapy.
  • Used in the manufacture of crucibles, special containers and other apparatus resistant to intense heat.
  • Alloyed with Platinum to make heavy duty electrical contacts such as high performance technically advanced spark plugs for use in the automotive and aviation industries.
  • Very brittle and extremely difficult to machine but is available as sheet, wire, powder and sponge.
  • Iridium alloyed with Osmium is used to tip fountain pen nibs and in pivot bearings such as those found in compasses, surgical tools and other special equipment.

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  1. krishnamugesh says:

    somebody told me that they have rice pulling copper metal
    my ? is its true or not
    plse tell me
    thank u

  2. John Lloyd says:

    Hi Krishnamugesh,

    I have heard of unconfirmed reports of coins containing Copper and Iridium that can pull a grain of rice up to 3 inches away.

    Personally I do not believe it as claims have also been made that this coin can affect the ignition of motor vehicles and cause a stall as well as other electricals.

    Until I have proof I think that you can take this claim with a pinch of salt! However copper does have an adverse affect on rice. Let us know if you find evidence that the coin lives up to the claims.

  3. Mainsh Gupta says:

    Hi Krishnamugesh

    Ya, you are right i strongly believe that a copper coin can have this type of powers like it can pull the rice, effect the motor ignition cozz i personally experienced it.
    I have some strong buyers who can purchase these types of things in very handsome prices.
    So don’t think it’s not true.

  4. nagesh says:

    Hi manish

    i accept ki this concept is there.but how did u find buyers for these items.who r the potential buyers fopr there?

  5. hemish says:

    Some people say iridium is used an additive with gold to add up the carat title with the percentage its added in,suppose you add 3 percent iridium to 97 percent gold the chemical test shall tell it as pure 100percent gold.

    I am confused how is it possible , does anyone has a clue ?

    • John Lloyd says:

      Hi Hemish

      Thank you for your interesting question.

      As far as I know pure gold, 24 K gold, is 100% gold containing no other metal. 18K gold contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals, i.e. 75% gold, 14 K gold is 14 parts gold and 10 other metals so is 58.3% pure and so on. The addition of other metals creates various colours in gold.
      As 24K gold is too soft to be used in jewellery it is necessary to give it hardness by forming alloys with other metals.

      Iridium, by a fraction the second densest metal is used in Platinum alloys for commercial and jewelry applications.

      Providing you source your Gold through a recognised source you can be sure that it will have undergone rigorous scrutiny and testing to denote its purity. The purest gold coin is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf at 99.999% pure.

      Palladium, nickel, copper, aluminium, silver are among the metals used in gold alloys.

      Iridium is one of the rarest metals on earth; only about three metric tonnes are mined each year.

      There is a very limited market in Iridium currently trading at around $400 an ounce with a spread of over $40.

      I have no knowledge of an Iridium/gold alloy but guess that it would hardly be profitable to take the expense of adding 3% to gold to fool buyers. Anyhow with the highly sophisticated

      tests available any buyer of a serious quantity of gold would take the necessary precautions.
      I hope that helps.

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