Uses of Ruthenium

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Approximately 50% of total world demand comes from the electronic industry and about 40% from the chemical industry.

Ruthenium is an extremely effective hardener when alloyed with Platinum and Palladium to make extremely durable electrical contacts.

The addition of 0.1% of Ruthenium to Titanium improves its’ corrosion resistance by a factor of 100.

It is an important catalyst in the chemical industry.

When alloyed with Molybdenum the alloy becomes superconductive.

It is currently under investigation as a promising application for the removal of H2S in the oil refining industry.

Is occasionally alloyed with Gold in the jewelry trade.

Some Ruthenium compounds are undergoing clinical trials in the fight against cancer.

Ruthenium compounds are being researched for use in a number of developing solar energy technologies.

The use of Ruthenium has been developed to produce advanced high temperature super alloys suitable for aircraft jet engine turbine blades.

Ruthenium 106 is used in the treatment of eye melanomas.

Parker 51 fountain pen gold nibs are tipped with an alloy of 96% Ruthenium and 4% Iridium.

Many Ruthenium compounds have similar properties to Osmium compounds.

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