Rhodium Production

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South Africa is the principal producer of Rhodium and accounts for approximately 80% of the total annual production followed by Russia. Sources are also located in Canada and North and South America.

Total production is only about twenty tonnes annually.

Rhodium occurs in small quantities in crude ores containing other metals  and is produced as a by- product – principally

The presence of Rhodium in ores is difficult to detect and quantify and the extraction process is complex.

The main source is by processing a sludge that remains after extracting Platinum from the ore.

A further source of Rhodium is spent nuclear fuel Up to 400 grammes of Rhodium containing radio active isotopes can be extracted and is then stored for a minimum of twenty years by which time it becomes stable and is no longer a danger to health.

What Is Rhodium?

How To Invest In Rhodium

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