Osmium Production and Value

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Osmium is found in ores containing the Platinum Group Metals. (PGMs)

The largest known occurrence of Osmium is Turkey with known reserves of circa 125,000 tons followed by Bulgaria with circa 2500 tons.

As is the case with PGMs, it is also found in the Urals of Russia, North and South America and in the Nickel bearing ores of Ontario, Canada.

As is also usual with other PGMs with the exception in some cases of Platinum, extraction is as a by product and not the principal activity of the producers.

In terms of value Osmium trades at about US$100.00 per gram, depending on quantity, although as a point of interest one of it’s stable isotopes (187 Os) can be worth circa US$ 25,000.00 per gram.

It is difficult to quantify Osmium as an active tradeable commodity due to it’s limited use in industry, its unique properties that have not yet and may never be utilized in full and no emerging production shortages.

99% pure Osmium powder, the usual commercial form, can be purchased from specialist precious metal dealers. Beware of confusion between spot prices per ounce and per gram.

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