How To Invest In Ruthenium, Vanadium And Titanium

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Start by going  to,, and to check out the latest prices and news on these metals .

The first point you should notice is that all the quotes, with the exception of titanium, have significantly high spreads.

In some cases you will be looking at having to see a rise of over 10% before you move into profit, and we have seen spreads at 20% or more in the past when there has been particularly high volatility in these markets. This is the danger of trading in such a limited environment.

To be serious, we would warn off anybody thinking of investing in these fringe PGMs without highly specialised knowledge. All are by-products of other mining activities, there are no specialised ETFs, or other funds dedicated to the individual metal, leaving only the alternative of buying through a Kitco pool or one of the other websites listed above.

Ruthenium and Vanadium bullion and coin are available from various sources worldwide, but do be sure to check very, very carefully on any source before buying and think delivery, storage and insurance costs. More importantly will you be able to sell easily and deliver the physical metal if or when the time comes.

Titanium is not a Platinum Group Metal nor can it be considered an obscure metal. It enjoys a much wider range of applications than the other metals we have mentioned.

Analysing the titanium market requires the standard research approach of evaluating a combination of the fundamentals and the technicals.

There are miners whose principle product is a titanium compound, usually titanium dioxide, used as whitener in paint, plastics, cements, etc., sunscreens, food colouring, ceramics, cosmetics and many other products.

Of particular importance is the widespread use of titanium in the aerospace industry. The cut backs in production and the Boeing strike had a serious effect on the market prices of titanium producers from which they have hardly recovered.

Although titanium physical metal is available in sheet, bar and other forms, it is not a practical metal to hold unless for industrial use. For example a Boeing 707 takes over 70 tons of titanium in its construction.

There is a wide range of titanium jewelry available from top designers worldwide but does not compare with gold, platinum or silver for investment value.

All the PGMs mentioned can be traded forward but with the exception of titanium those spreads will just extend further and further. They really are markets best traded by industrial users.

For further research into the Titanium market have a look at:

Titanium Metals Corp (NYSE:TIE) – N.B.we are invested in this company.
Allegheny Technologies (NYSE:ATI)
RTI International Metals (NYSE:RTI)


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