Do Not Leave It Too Late To Preserve Your Wealth

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With national economies worldwide facing such an uncertain future, now is the time to learn how and why investment in gold and other precious metals can maintain the purchasing value of your capital.

All the Western nations, now including India and China, the two most populous, are printing more and more banknotes that are not backed by a tangible redeemable asset, which used to be gold!

Gold & Silver the Only True Measure of Wealth

This practice is ultimately a root cause of inflation. Gold, together with silver, have, for over five thousand years of recorded history, been the measurement of both a nations and an individuals wealth. Since the short term misguided decision by US President Nixon to end the dollar’s tie to gold and establish the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency backed only by the economic authority of the US, at that time unchallenged as the worlds most powerful and dynamic economy, the purchasing power of the dollar has eroded.

Now the US, in common with most western style economies, but  also beginning to include some of the emerging nations, face the uncertainty of growing national debt outpacing the ability of taxes to service borrowings without recourse to printing more fiat money.

Coming Monetary Storm Caused By Corruption

The end game can be in no doubt, the West is in for hyperinflation! Give or take a year or two of deflation before the end game resolves into disaster for those that have ignored the store of value that gold has always, and will continue, to represent as the capital preserver in times of soaring inflation.

At the end of the day, gold together with silver and PGM’s, in our opinion, and which we are backing with our own money, are the only realistic defence against the forthcoming monetary storm. As the weeks grow into months the politicians of the developed western economies are likely to grow more distant from their electorate as their self interest takes center stage.

Corruption in  Southern Europe has been endemic at just about every level of government for ages, corruption at higher levels in Northern Europe has been to some extent, brought about by the example of the US. We cannot fight it, any more than market forces, but sooner or later gold, silver, and precious metals will be the only game in town. Ask any Chinaman or Indian!

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