Palladium Characteristics and Uses

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Symbol :- Pd

Melting Point :-2830 F, 1555 C

Palladium is a soft whitish grey metal resembling Platinum and which does not tarnish in air and is the least dense and has the lowest melting point of all PGMs.

  • It is soft and ductile when annealed and its strength and hardness is much increased when it is cold.
  • It has the unusual ability to absorb up to 900 times its own volume of Hydrogen at room temperatures when it visibly swells like a sponge.
  • Its largest use is in catalytic converters in the motor industry.
  • It is one of the only two metals that can be alloyed with gold to produce white gold, the other is Nickel.
  • Like Gold, Palladium is malleable and can be beaten into sheets as thin as 1/250,000 inch.
  • It is used in jewelry as a precious metal instead of Platinum. As the price of both constantly fluctuates over the years, so that at any given time one will be of greater value than the other.
  • Is used to purify hydrogen gas.
  • Palladium is used as electrodes in multi-layered ceramic capacitators and other electronic applications.
  • Also used in springs for watch making, dentistry, surgical instruments, aircraft spark plugs and electrical contacts.
  • Palladium dichloride is used in carbon monoxide detectors.

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