Uranium Stays steady

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There is no formal regulated market for yellow cake but indicated spot prices are off their June lows and uranium stays steady at around $64.50 a lb.  

Areva, the French nuclear company, has at last settled its dispute with the Central African Republic and has been given the go ahead to start delivering the yellow cake from its mine at Bakouma by 2010. Mining rights were originally granted to UraMin, an Anglo Canadian Mining company taken over by Areva in 2007.

Areva goes from strength to strength as a major uranium producer, global nuclear power facility constructor, and leader in nuclear technology.

Uranium mining and exploration activity continues to be dogged by protest groups, local and national government delays and court actions throughout the western nations, allowing valuable and growing export contacts to be lost to producers in Russia, Africa and other less protective countries to reap the financial benefits.

The question is – can modern technology assure environmentally safe mining conditions?

If any body out there can give us a serious and unemotional answer to our query we would be grateful if you would let us know and allow us to publish your answer.



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