Uranium and its Growing Potential

March 22, 2007 | By | Reply More

A few short weeks ago we published an article discussing the potential for Uranium.

The price then was $60 per lb.

Today the price has hit $85.00 per lb!

Nothing has changed in our outlook for this commodity.

In particular we gave, as our opinion, that whatever the state of the economies of the world in the forthcoming years, uranium would grow in demand as the source of energy that is the least damaging to the environment.

As hardly a day seems to go past without someone somewhere making headlines about the doomsday scenario of global warming caused by burning fossil fuels so nuclear energy increasingly becomes the energy source of choice to even the most enthusiastic environmentalist.

We at Precious Metal Investing are expecting the price to rise to $100.00 per lb within a short space of time, maybe only a week or two.

We note that others who take an informed view of the energy market also share this view.

Having said that, it is not our policy to give investment tips, just to pass on our own observations for our readers to take forward with their own research and to draw their own conclusions but we urge you to look very closely into the merits of investing in uranium and its spin offs.

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