Uranium and Coal are Obamas’ Only Realistic Options

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Mr Obama has frequently declared his preference for renewable energy sources and has pledged $150 billion in his first term to develop solar, wind power, bio fuels and other resources.

The cold hard fact is that even in twenty years time renewable energy alternatives will still account for no more than a minor source of power in the US and even less in developing nations such as China and India.

Like it or not, as electricity demands increase worldwide and oil reserves are depleted, the only realsistic options are nuclear power in the shape of uranium.

Forecasting that India will lead the way with a six fold increase in electricity demand with China not far behind on a fourfold increase and the US up 50% by 2030 it is not hard to make a case for the advantages of investing in uranium and coal producers and nuclear plant contractors while their prices are suffering along with other stocks regardless of merit.

The day will surely come when patient investors who get in at today’s rock bottom prices will realise massive profits as the pipe dream of renewable energy is confronted and virtually destroyed by the cold hard facts.

Let us not forget that our planet still contains coal reserves expected to last 200 years at the present rate of consumption and that new uranium deposits seem to be discovered virtually every day so no likely shortage there for many years.

On a final bullish note, despite the global economic crisis, more and more nuclear power stations are being built or are in the planning stage.

At the same time the pressure is coming off the politicians as it seems that many concerned environmentalists are now understanding that the nuclear option is the only realistic solution to preserving our planets health for many years to come.


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