Nuclear Safety First

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Following our recent bullish thoughts on the future for nuclear energy, those more conservative investors who have researched the sector  may prefer to spread their financial commitment across the industry rather than place their faith in one or more individual companies.

With nuclear safety investing first in mind, the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF (NLR-NYSE) fit’s the bill.

This ETF tracks the DAX Global Nuclear Energy Index whose aim is to reflect as closely as possible the performance of thirty eight publicly quoted leading companies engaged in the global nuclear energy industry. As with all ETFs, management charges and expenses should be taken into account.

Among those companies tracked are Cameco Corp,  Areva SA and Mitsubishi Heavy.

Market Vectors Nuclear Energy represents an excellent cross section of companies involved in every major aspect of the nuclear energy market. Providing our assessment of the nuclear energy sector proves correct, this ETF should prove an excellent investment on the “not having all your eggs in one basket” principle.

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  1. David. says:

    Yes, good idea John the ETF.

    I thought about the gravator but decided I was too handsome.


  2. David. says:

    Looking at the NLR chart your timing might be good for a break up. On Friday it tested resistance at 23.78 level, having rejected lower prices on Thursday on convincing volume. Lets see if the next daily bar clears this resistance level. I think it will. 25.30 will be next test so a worthwhile trade opportunity exists here.


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