Boost For Australian Mining Prospects

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Australian business groups are calling upon the newly elected labor government to free up many of the restraints that have held up the countries economic development.

The executive director of the Australian Uranium Association (AUA) is quoted as saying “The removal of current constraints on uranium expansion is a business regulation issue which Mr Rudd (the new Prime Minister) has indicated is one of his main priorities “.

For Australia to remain internationally competitive, reform of the environmental regulations that particularly affects the mining industry is a necessity.

With growing demand for uranium and Australia estimated as having around 38% of world resources reform is critical if the country is to remain competitive.

A Boost for Titanium?

A leading on line jewelry retailer specializing in black titanium and black diamond items reports an increased interest in black on black jewelry as sales are picking up in retail stores.

Nokia´s luxury phone, the Vertu Ascent Ti is now selling in India at around 320 thousand rupees equivalent to some US$8000.00. The body of the handset is made from the same High Performance Titanium found in top sports cars.


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