Nuclear Energy Is Less Damaging

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Just to clarify it is uranium, the metal, that has risen fourfold and not “uranium companies”.

It is my opinion that both the metal, successful producers and nuclear technology companies have bright futures going forward over a considerable number of years.

Bear in mind that as in any bull or bear run there will be corrections along the way.

There is no evidence of a viable alternative clean energy technology emerging so far and it appears to me that many of the global warming sceptics are now changing their stance.

An added fact is that once a nuclear power plant is operative the price of uranium does not play a significant part (about 5%) in the cost of the electricity produced.

Even if the price of uranium tripled to over $200 a lb. electricity would only have to rise by a very few percent.

Compare this to the consequences of a doubling in the price of oil, coal or gas, the result would be a near doubling in the price of electricity as these fuels account for circa 40% of the cost of production.

Finally even the ´greens´ are beginning to accept that nuclear energy is less damaging to the environment than conventional fossil fuels, the latest nuclear plant technology has resulted in improved safety standards and as a clincher it is becoming apparent that the previously overwhelmingly strong oil lobby, which has held up renewable and nuclear energy in the past, is showing signs of weakening influence.


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