Hydrogen As Alternative Fuel Source

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As we have previously mentioned on numerous occasions, hardly a week goes by without a new use for one or other of the PGMs being announced.

This one is probably something for the distant future but,if successful, will revolutionize our daily lives.

Just read of a way to produce hydrogen without using the conventional method of heat provided by natural gas and previously generated electricity that adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Known as the Grimes process, water is broken down to its hydrogen and oxygen components by the use of solar energy and nanotube diodes.

Titanium and copper are essential to the process.

Although still in the early stages of development the outlook for producing hydrogen cost effectively and without adding to the carbon footprint is said to be promising.

Hydrogen has been used as an alternative fuel source for years, the problem has been that its production has been expensive and involved the use of fossil fuels with no consequent lowering in the ecological damage they cause.

If this process becomes economically viable then our reliance on fossil fuels will diminish, the planets ecology will suffer less pollution, reliance on foreign sources for fuel will largely cease and shortage of supply will become unlikely.


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