Titanium – For The Man Who Has Everything

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Titanium is being used by Ecosse, a “boutique cycle maker” based in Denver USA in the manufacture of its $275, 000 limited edition Series RR motorcycle.

The all titanium chassis is handcrafted by welders and machinists and is reported to be stronger than steel and only a tenth as heavy.

To accompany the lucky owners they only have to spend another $20,000 for a titanium watch that matches the RRs exposed engine.

More on Titanium: At the meeting of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) meeting in Cape Town, Dr Leigh Sheppard of the University of New South Wales Centre for Materials Research believes that using solar energy and titanium dioxide to produce water by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen is the way forward for a sustainable economy fuelled by clean, green energy.

Burning hydrogen to deliver energy produces water so there is no damage to the environment. The 72 -nation GEO members are meeting to discuss climate change, health, agriculture, energy and other environmental issues.


Uranium News: Cameco Corp., the worlds largest uranium miner is cutting back production at its Saskatoon, Canada, Rabbit Lake mine for about a week while a water handling equipment upgrade is underway.

Mining is then expected to return to normal and no significant problems are expected.


Silver News: China has opened up its silver import trade. Previously importers required central bank approval but now the market is open to all.

Chinas central bank does not expect any impact as imports are small and restrained by the current higher prices for the white metal. Most of the silver is re-exported as products.

It has been reported that due to low demand platinum and palladium ETFs are unlikely to be traded in New York next year.


Gold dropped below $800 an ounce in trading Thursday with silver down by 10 cents and palladium over a dollar down.


Platinum bucked the trend despite losing ground on Wednesday along with the other precious metals.

We think opportunities to top up are on the way as there seems to us that there is little hope for the dollar to maintain its latest strength for much longer, reality has still to be recognized by US stock market bulls and despite yesterdays pullback the next few weeks are likely to see oil exceed the $100 a barrel barrier.

Some learned pundits are now talking oil down to $80 so be very, very watchful, it may be that a floor for gold of around $760 an ounce could happen if the dollar holds on and oil does drop.


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