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Gold & The Least Of Two Evils

Will it make any difference to gold and silver whichever of these appalling presidential candidates gets elected to govern what still remains the world’s most powerful nation?

Obama has accelerated the decline in the nation’s superpower capability, arguably Bill Clinton’s legacy, and the erosion is set to continue with his wife in office but would a Donald presidency fare any better?

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How Quantative Easing Affects Gold

It is true to say that money printing a.k.a. Quantitative Easing has drawn easy money into the broad stock market at the detriment of popular commodities but to an extent and duration that has long been illogical. In particular we are considering how QE and other factors affects gold.

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Gold Silver & PGMs – Proceed With Caution

Gold and silver are looking good with platinum and palladium following along nicely. With the Crimea crisis as a catalyst, gold has accelerated away from its steady start to 2014, while dragging silver, albeit somewhat slower, in its wake.

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Gold Is On Its Knees!

Will they taper won’t they taper? That is the question. Meanwhile gold, together with silverand the PGMs suffer whichever way the wind blows.

The analysts employed by the big banks are calling for a fall at anywhere between $1200 and $1000 an oz. over the next few months. Another doomsday prediction is that the Chinese are not buying at the rate they were the last time gold slipped down to the $1260/$1280 range. Never mind that they are now overtaking India as the worlds largest buyers and are set to better last years purchases makes no impact. Right now there is the prospect that gold will fall flat on its face.

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Golds False Dawn : The Recovery Yet to Come

Lets make no bones about it, gold has been disappointing for us gold buffs for the last year. Yes, a retracement from 2012’s highs of $1800 an oz. was not unexpected as profit takers kicked in, but to fall steadily after that to its low of a fraction off $1200 an oz. was a lot to bear.

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Why Gold Investors Are Now Getting the Jitters

Last October the price of the yellow metal rose back to almost $1800 an oz and all of us gold bugs breathed a sigh of relief. We had waited since September of 2011 for our favorite metal to resume its climb back to its all time high of $1900 an oz.

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Don’t Lose Confidence in Gold – the Best Bet

That $1800 an oz gold price reached at the back end of last year now seems a long way off. By the end of 2011 we were looking at around $1500 an oz. Talk about a waterfall moment but gold shrugged that off and  climbed back to within a whisker of $1800 an oz in only three months.

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Why Gold Is Not About To Break Out

Throughout the world traders in gold and silver have joined in the general lack of confidence as indications of a global slow down gather pace.

Reports from China suggest, despite official denials, that sectors of the economy are facing problems, construction is a case in point, and that the nation may be on a fast track to crisis. As China has overtaken India as world leader in gold imports, the knock on effect on the gold price needs no amplification. One good reason why gold is not about to break out.

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