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Titanium Chips Spy On Us

Did you know that your whereabouts can now be tracked from the banknotes in your wallet?

Well its true!

Since 2005 Euro bank notes and US $20 bills have had a minute titanium chip called an RFID incorporated in them – try microwaving one.

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Why Not Invest In Titanium Jewelry?

Catch up with fashion by investing in jewelry made from one of the most versatile metals on earth.

Titanium is a durable, tarnish resistant, hard silvery colored lightweight metal that has extensive uses in numerous branches of industry and is considered a critical strategic metal by the military.

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Titanium Rises But For How Long?

Interest in Titanium since Boeing’s order book showed a healthy increase has caused sharp rises in the metal’s producers in recent weeks.

Yesterday Titanium Industries (TIE: NYSE) showed us the way with a 9% rise that has continued through to this morning’s trading.

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Titanium Strategically Important Metal Loses Appeal

From toothbrushes to airframes, jet engines to spectacles golf clubs, to replacement joints in humans, and not to forget its growing use in fashionable jewelry, new uses for titanium seem to constantly hit the headlines.

Despite the versatility of this extraordinary metal, global recession has taken its toll on the price.

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What Exactly Is Titanium?

Titanium is arguably the most interesting and versatile of all metals.
It is the ninth most plentiful element in the Earths’ crust and the fifth most common metal.
Titanium is a hard silvery colored, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, lightweight and durable metal

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Cement Neutralizes Pollutants

There are  reports that an Italian company, Italcementia has developed a cement enhanced with titanium oxide that can neutralize some harmful pollutants when exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light.

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Who Produces Titanium?

Titanium is always found as a compound with other elements.

Despite being the ninth most plentiful element on the Earths’ surface and is distributed all over the world there are few concentrated deposits that make commercial extraction viable.

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Who Discovered Titanium?

Reverend William Gregor

An amateur geologist and rector of Creed in Cornwall, England, is credited as the discoverer of Titanium in 1791.

Educated at St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he won academic honors in classics and mathematics and also became deeply interested in chemistry and mineralogy.

He carried out a series of experiments on some sand originating from nearby Manaccan in Cornwall and when melted with an alkali he noted the residue had a metallic sheen that was non magnetic.

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