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Silver Bulls Routed. No Way!

With what seems like great glee, a number of the worlds’ financial media reported the 11% drop in the price of silver when the Asian markets opened for business this Monday morning. Among them were Bloomberg, The Los Angeles Times, Wall St. Journal, Reuters, and The Economic Times of India.

Slides, plunges, bubbles, bulls routed and other synonyms featured in their articles as if wanting to give the impression that the trend in silver had reversed and that it would be prudent to cut and run.

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Can the Bull Run in Silver be Sustained?

Whether Silver is in a bubble is a more complicated issue to resolve than the same question concerning gold  which we addressed in our previous article. Historically, or at least until the advent of sophisticated stock markets in the nineteenth, twentieth and so far twenty first centuries, silver has mainly stayed in lock step with gold.

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How to Trade when Silver Channels

It seems timely to discuss a trading activity when our favoured investment vehicles, silver and gold, may lose the momentum that has propelled them sky bound for so long.

Historically, May and June have not been months when either metal has shown much volatility. The summer holiday period follows when many traders pack their bags and markets generally slow down volume wise and may carry over to the precious metal sector.

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Consider Silver Bags As An Investment

At one time “silver” coins actually contained a considerable amount of silver, 50%-90% depending upon the issuing country.

Up to 1965 US dimes and quarters were minted with 90% silver and half dollars contained 40%.

In the UK coins minted between 1920 and 1946 had 50 % silver. Coins minted prior to 1920 also contained quantities of silver but these have become somewhat rarer and many have a collector’s value that does not relate to the value of the silver they contain.

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The Prospects For Conductive Silver

A new report produced by NanoMarkets entitled “Silver powders and inks for printable electronics” forecasts that the market for conductive silver  inks used in emerging technological applications will grow from US$176 million in 2007 to US$1.2 billion by 2014.

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Silver Was Our Best Bet

Our editorial team was unanimous in expecting the precious metal markets to start this week in a seriously upbeat mood. Silver was our bet for outperforming gold, platinum and other PGMs after the expected profit taking at the end of last week turned out not to be as severe as we thought.

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Silver Takes A Back Seat

Instead of slavishly following the price of gold in its usual historic way, silver has taken a back seat in the last few weeks.

As has been oft repeated on these pages, the gold/silver ratio has averaged well below 60 in earlier times and, for about the last year or so has wavered around 65 and encouragingly been declining as both metals reached new highs, in silver’s case for the last twenty years and longer.

Now we see the ratio at over seventy despite gold holding its own so what is going on?

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Golden Opportunity To Buy Silver Dips

The fall in gold and silver due in the main to the strengthening dollar and weakening oil price is offering a “golden” opportunity for us to see some action this day and buy the silver dips.

Sorry about the very obvious pun but we thought we should tell you that we have placed a day order for SLV Jan 2010 $17 call (SLVAQ) at $0.90 a contract.

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