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The Factors In Favor Of Investing In Uranium

The last few days has seen an awakening amongst many of the financial gurus of the virtues of investing in Uranium producers and we must admit that the factors in favor make a convincing case.

In fact many of these plus points have been made in previous posts featuring uranium on this site over the last two years or more and yet the spot price of the yellow cake has stayed moribund in the $35-$40 a pound range since falling from over $135 a lb in July 2007.

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Nuclear Safety First

Following our recent bullish thoughts on the future for nuclear energy, those more conservative investors who have researched the sector  may prefer to spread their financial commitment across the industry rather than place their faith in one or more individual companies.

With nuclear safety investing first in mind, the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF (NLR-NYSE) fit’s the bill.

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Nuclear Power | Uranium Stocks Set To Soar

This is short and to the point! Solar, wind and every other so called clean energy system so far developed or on the ‘to do’ list will not ‘cut the mustard’ in making up the world wide electrical power shortfall as carbon fuels are either phased out for political reasons or simply as resources become scarcer.

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Uranium Stockpile Held by Bankrupt Bank

The collapse of Lehman Brothers investment bank last September sent shock waves around the financial world and heralded the public awareness of the recession that has continued to worsen.

The media left us in no doubt that the reason for Lehman’s demise was due to the $60 billion of toxic assets held by the 158 year old bank.

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Uranium In Favour With The Japanese

It has been some time since there has been any positive news that has given encouragement to investors in Uranium and its miners.

With the spot price dropping like a stone in the last eighteen months before stagnating around $47-$50 a lb.the news that a Japanese industrial & financial corporation has paid a 14% premium over the current share price for a near 20% stake in Uranium One Inc.may herald long overdue renewed activity in the nuclear sector.

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Uranium Prices To Remain Volatile For This Year

Uranium Ux308 spot market price stays around US$47 per lb. A spokesman at the mining conference in Cape Town suggests that uranium prices will remain volatile for the remainder of the year.

Peaking at over $130 per lb. in the middle of 2007, heavy selling by hedge funds taking profits as they struggled to gain liquidity to meet redemptions was a significant contributory factor as the price fell dramatically throughout the following eighteen months.

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Spot Price of Uranium Climbs

After months of being range bound the spot price of Uranium oxide has climbed 15% from its year low of $45 a pound two months ago.

This has been reflected in renewed interest in uranium miners with Denison Mines (DNN) gaining over 52 cents to $1.70 at the New York close on Friday.

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Uranium and Coal are Obamas’ Only Realistic Options

Mr Obama has frequently declared his preference for renewable energy sources and has pledged $150 billion in his first term to develop solar, wind power, bio fuels and other resources.

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