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What are Investment Trusts, Mutual Funds and Unit Trusts?

An Investment Trust is a company with a stock exchange quote that invests its shareholders money in a portfolio of shares in other companies.

In effect, they are collective investment funds with a fixed capital and a fixed number of issued shares that are traded on a stock exchange.

As they have a fixed capital they are known as ´closed end´ trusts to distinguish them from Mutual Funds/Unit Trusts.

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Precious Metal Mutual Funds

If you believe that gold and other precious metals will continue their current bull run for a good while yet but have limited funds to invest then mutual funds specializing in this market could be the answer.

Limited money to invest limits the spread of risk


It is not practical to share limited available cash between a number of companies in this or any other sector of the stock market in order to lessen the chances of a catastrophe occurring to one of your few stock picks.

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