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When will Gold Get Real ?

Browsing through the diverse views of the many investment news letters and analysts opinions that fill my inbox daily together with the Donald’s reported political appointments and almost daily change of policies, it really has become impossible to forecast the direction the US economy will take in the first months of the new presidency.

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Gold Promises But When Will It Deliver!

Gold started to rise in mid January and gold bulls, myself included, felt that the tide had turned at long last.

By February 12th it had reached $1237.00 an oz. and all looked well for the long overdue assault on $1400.00 an oz. and upwards. Some dared to think that $2000.00 an oz would be in its sights within another twelve months.

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Gold Trending Up Can Be Your Friend

Few will deny that gold has reversed its downtrend dating from 2011 and is now in the early stages of a bull run.

From a low of $1064 an oz. last November it has put on $970 by today, Wednesday 24 February, two hours before markets open in the US.

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The Knives Are Out for Gold

If we believe all that we read, then we can have little hope that gold will recover any of the lustre it enjoyed between July 2012 and October 2013 in the foreseeable future.

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Gold Analysts Can’t Read the Future

Can you remember how excited so many technical analysts became when gold hit a double bottom at the end of July followed by another near bottom early August. In tech speak, double bottoms lead to a rising price and sure enough within three weeks gold had risen from $1085 to $1162.

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Is Gold Influenced by the Power of Words?

My Father loved an argument. So much so he would deny the obvious just for the sake of pitting his ability with words to deny the logic of his own father and his son. I remember my grandfather pointing at some white floor tiles and saying “ your father would argue all day long that those tiles were black just to be different and to get us wound up”.

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The Gold Enigma

As all dedicated followers of precious metals are, no doubt, by now aware gold and silver have hit lows not seen since spring 2010. During these four years we have seen the effects that a series of quantitative easing policies have had on the psyche of investors and speculators of all classes, from the humble retail buyer to the powerful central bankers and their cohorts on Wall Street and further afield overseas.

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Is Gold Going Nowhere?

Both gold and silver are in the doldrums, anybody can see that. The questions are why and how long will it last? Activity in the spot market for both metals is low, lacking little interest from funds, speculators or retail investors.

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