The author of this website, John Lloyd, started his early career on the London Stock Exchange, where he was fortunate enough to work that most blue blooded of stockbrokers Cazenove & Co. who number Royalty amongst their elite clientele.

The high level of ethical conduct expected of Cazenove’s employees has remained the cornerstone of John’s approach to business and his conduct ever since.

With great regret John left the LSE for family reasons but retained his passion for the markets to the present day. After a number of years running the successful family property business John branched out to become the MD of an advertising and marketing company with involvements in the world of investing.

He and his wife, a successful fashion and photographic model, now live in Spain where he has the leisure and opportunity to put his years of investment experience, in good times and bad, into the public domain.

John’s belief is that there is no substitute for intensive research, no short cuts, in the markets. It is with this creed that the Precious Metal Investment web site has been designed.

The purpose of this site is to give investors and potential investors in precious and rare metals the information they will need to consider when making the decision to buy, sell, hold or stand back in the market.

The various investment vehicles, such as bullion, coins, jewelry, mutual funds, mining stocks, options, investment trusts, futures, gold depositories, and others will be explained and their pros and cons discussed.

The metals industrial and decorative uses will be analysed in depth
so judgments may be made on the volume and value of present and future
stocks, resources and demand.

Volume production, worldwide stocks, and the geological estimates of reserves for gold , silver,platinum and it’s group of metals Palladium, Osmium, Rhodium,Iridium, Ruthenium together with Plutonium and Uranium (which can also be considered as precious metals) will be posted and updated.

Political implications such as nationalization, stockpiling or countries selling off their gold reserves as the UK mistakenly did in the 1990`s will be examined and the consequences updated regularly.

The site will have also have any other relevant news and price changes updated on a regular basis to keep you fully informed.

It is our aim to keep the content precise, straight forward and to the point and to cut out any irrelevancies. We will make suggestions, we will tell you if we have our own positions but we will always expect you to do your own research and question any recommendations we may make.

Never buy a thing you don’t want merely because it is dear – Oscar Wilde in conversation.

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