Gold In The Time Of Inflation

Since the crash of 2008 the mantra of the western worlds central banks has been to fear deflation. Keep interest rates at near zero or in some cases negative and Joe Public will spend his every last dime to keep the economy going.

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Silver Demand Has Soared While the Price Has Tanked – Why?

As the old year fades to an end silver has regained the $20 an oz level. The question is whether this is just a last gasp effort before a further plunge to way below $18 an oz that so many of the doom monger analysts have been warning us of or is it a reawakening to those fundamentals that drove the precious metal sector to all time highs in 2011?

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Platinum Group Metals

Platinum – Lies and Damn Lies

Shortly after the South African miners strike began last year causing the country’s platinum producers to close down for five months we read that above ground stocks would run out during May, some two to three months into the dispute.

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Precious Metal News

Stocks and Shares Are Facing Armageddon, What About Gold?

There is no traditional way to play the gold market any more. It is full of contradictions. Let’s start with the fundamentals.

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Gold & The Least Of Two Evils

Will it make any difference to gold and silver whichever of these appalling presidential candidates gets elected to govern what still remains the world’s most powerful nation?

Obama has accelerated the decline in the nation’s superpower capability, arguably Bill Clinton’s legacy, and the erosion is set to continue with his wife in office but would a Donald presidency fare any better?

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Investment Vehicles

How To Have A Safe Investment Strategy

During the last few months we have frequently urged our readers to look out for pull-backs in the gold and silver spot prices and  then take the opportunity to increase their exposure to these metals with any spare cash that they may have.

Of course we appreciate that it is a rare occurrence for the ordinary ‘man in the street’ small investor to catch the bottom of a market downturn  when buying but there are ways and means to avoid making a buying decision that may turn out to be an expensive error of judgement for those with limited investment funds, so leaving them short of cash when they next spot a potential winner.

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